Rob Cavestany of Death Angel in the latest episode of #FHTZ

“Despite the music industry’s situation, we’re still here.” – Rob Cavestany

Death Angel founding-member and lead guitarist Rob Cavestany has been an integral part of heavy and rock music for decades. His musical prowess is indisputable. Just listen to what the band has created since their debut The Ultra-Violence in 1987, all the way to their latest beast, The Evil Divide. I have had the pleasure to talk to Rob and other band members a few times in the past few years and it was always a true pleasure. They are open and honest about their band and their decisions and radiate a great energy.

In this interview, Rob provides an interesting and in-depth elaboration on the inner workings of the band, starting from when they were teenagers who simply wanted to participate in the action, touching upon how personal matters of individual band members can affect the tragectory of the band, through the times when technology disrupted the business, until today, where fans can find a stable Death Angel band that arguably produces their best music to date. …And I highly recommend to pick up their The Evil Divide, if you like good ol’ thrash metal in a contemporary production.

Death Angel "The Evil Divide", 2016

Sebastiano Mereu

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