Black Sabbath closes its final chapter with «The End: Live in Birmingham» (2017)

The band that single-handedly created heavy metal has closed the final curtain. Tommy Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, and Geezer Butler, feat. Tommy Clufetos on drums and Adam Wakeman on keys and rhythm guitar, recorded their very last live show on February 4, 2017 where everything began in 1968, in their home town of Birmingham, England.

Black Sabbath have written music history, toured the world, excited and scared masses, and brought heaven and hell to earth. It might be the end of their phenomenal carrier as a band, but it is often argued that something has to end to become legendary. Black Sabbath has been legendary for quite a while in my book, but this final live performance has documented the final chapter and closes the story on the highest note.

Thank you Black Sabbath for having given us heavy metal and countless classics. This one last live show will serve as the final chapter of a truly legendary story, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

What others say about The End: Live in Birmingham (2017):

“The show features all the bells, whistles and great songs fans have come to expect from the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers live. The atmosphere in the band’s hometown is electric as a tolling bell and thunder precede guitarist Iommi’s ominous opening riff from the title track of 1970’s Black Sabbath as hellish flames blaze from the “Paranoid” hitmaker’s iconic logo to signal the band’s entrance.” – Robert Rheubottom,

“Overall, Black Sabbath‘s earlier albums are not surprisingly the best represented on The End DVD with three from Black Sabbath (1970), a whopping six from Paranoid (1970), three from Master Of Reality (1971), three from Vol. 4 (1972), one from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973), one from Sabotage (1975) and one from Technical Ecstasy (1976). As an extra bonus, there are five extra songs that comprise the group’s final studio recordings. I’m not sure how the group ended up choosing to record those songs but they sound really good and have held up quite nicely over time even though many of them date more than 45 years like “The Wizard.” It’s also nice that the band included five songs with the new recordings that could have easily made their way into their setlist but understandably didn’t make the cut. Overall, The End is a nice way to wrap up Black Sabbath‘s touring career. Iommi has already spoken about having the band play a show for their 50th year anniversary so I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Black Sabbath just yet.” – Ruben Mosqueda,

“Overall, The End closes the final chapter of Black Sabbath yet the music remains timeless. Black Sabbath were not your run of the mill band. They were 4 guys from Birmingham, England who dreamt of greatness and not only achieved greatness but made history by defining the Heavy Metal genre. Dubbed the Godfathers of Metal, Black Sabbath leave behind a legacy that will live for generations. An essential acquisition for Black Sabbath disciples, CrypticRock gives The End 5 out of 5 Stars.” – Vito Tanzi,

““It will never be ‘The End’ for me. I’ll always be a part of Sabbath and Sabbath will always be a part of me,” says Butler in the album booklet. Thanks to The End concert release, it never has to be the end for fans either. Just put on this concert album and relive the glorious final statement from the band, who went out on top with one amazing final show.” – Chad Childers,

“Black Sabbath’s final show wasn’t so much a performance as it was a celebration, one that included fans from around the world – from all over Europe, Asia, and America to as far away as Australia. This just proves that heavy metal is still one of the only truly universal, unifying forces in the world. Even with its often dark themes, it remains a thrilling, uplifting type of music, and this is the band that started it all. If the group really never tours again, you can proudly rave that Sabbath went out on top.” – Charlie Doherty,

Black Sabbath The End: Live in Birmingham

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