Cellar Darling: This Is The Sound (2017) of a modern day work of folk-metal art

I have never really listened to Swiss metal icons Eluveitie. Their music just never caught my attention. Hence, why would Cellar Darling, who consist of three former Eluveitie members, be of interest to me? Well, they wouldn’t, but I am very glad that the YouTube auto-play function brought the band’s music to my ears – because I really like it!

James Geiser at antiheromagazine.com suggests to “forget everything you have known about these three former members of Eluveitie. This is not a cheap knock off of that band, Cellar Darling is a band that is in their own league. Expect heavy folk influences, shredding solos from guitars, violins, and the hurdy-gurdy, as well as powerful vocals and stellar songwriting. With a total run time of just under an hour, This Is The Sound, is a powerful statement from Cellar Darling, proving that when things fall apart, not all is always lost.” That’s exactly what I did and how I felt after listening to the album for the first time and before pushing play right away for a second run.

Rosie Walker hits the nail on the head, noting at metalassault.com, “The heaviness with the whimsical vibe, is captivating and profound. Even down to the last track the band continues to surprise and impress. […] Anna’s weighty words paints pictures and stir souls as she gives her 100 per cent. It’s not happy music, it’s truthful, telling relevant narratives, and honestly revealing the different colors of the heart.”

I also completely agree with Sarmad Ahmed at metalwani.com, who explains, “This is the Sound perfectly captures the feeling of being in the eye of a nasty thunderstorm, representing a moment of pure bliss and tranquility, along with the underlying turbulence. The writing of the album itself is distinct and unique, and I’d be lying if I said that the album isn’t an experience worth listening.”

Dave Griffiths at heavymag.com.au even considers This Is The Sound a modern day work of art and adds, “The three talented musicians behind Cellar Darling have just raised the bar in the Celtic/Folk Metal world to a whole new level. This fantastic album is one of the finest and most beautiful albums that you would hear in 2017 – a true classic.” And I concur.

All I can add is, kudos to Anna, Ivo and Merlin for the phenomenal album. This Is The Sound is already on my list of top metal albums of 2017. Hoping to catch Cellar Darling live soon.

Cellar Darling released their debut album ‘This Is The Sound’ through Nuclear Blast Records on 30 June 2017.

Sebastiano Mereu

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