Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless talks about the importance of the human element in music

We had the great pleasure to meet and talk to Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of NYC-rockers The Pretty Reckless, for #fhtz, and it was a revelation for me!

I only knew about Taylor from the media and vaguely from her Gossip Girl role as Jenny Humphrey – a character that does not reflect her current rock artist image. Personally, I prefer Taylor in real life, today, much better than in her former TV role. Our conversation for #fhtz revolved around her take on today’s music world, which is strongly based on keeping an authentic identity and delivering an organic music performance. Taylor kept highlighting how important the human element in music is to her. All her answers and values resonated with me, and while watching the band’s terrific performance in front of a sold out crowd in Zurich/Switzerland that same night, I was sold. This is pure and genuine rock ‘n’roll.

Impressive what Taylor and her band have accomplished thus far. As long as there are bands out there that share their values and act with the same attitude, there is hope for music. A must-watch interview.

Check out a short review of The Pretty Reckless latest studio effort ‘Who You Selling For’ (click here), and go see them live if you can. A true rock experience.

Sebastiano Mereu

YouTuber + host of the #FHTZ online music show with co-producer @simonkurt + marketing & digital content producer + university lecturer