Filter – The Sun Comes Out Tonight (2013)

Good day my fellow music aficionados. Today, we will discuss one of my favorite 2013 album releases: The Sun Comes Out Tonight by Cleveland’s Industrial Rock veterans Filter.

The Sun Comes Out Tonight is Filter’s sixth studio album and was released on June 4, 2013, with What Do You Say being the first single release off the album.

The first time I heard Filter was in the 1995 Tales from the Crypt movie Demon Knight with the song Hey Man Nice Shot. I went then on to buy their first album, which I liked, but it never made it into my ‘favorite-album’ drawer. Now, two decades and five albums later, Filter finally gave an album which I can’t be without! The Sun Comes Out Tonight provides good old-fashioned Industrial metal guitars combined with atmospheric 90s synthesizer sounds, acoustic guitars with beautiful melodies and screaming vocals, and plain-simple fantastic songwriting.

This must be the most grown-up record in Filter’s catalogue and every song has its legitimacy for being there. I love every single song on the album, but the following ones are just over the top awesome:

Track 3: “Surprise” 4:19
Track 4: “Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight” 4:05
Track 6: “This Finger’s For You” 3:52
Track 12: “It’s Just You” 4:11

Track 3, Surprise, is a melancholic song that combines acoustic guitars with 90s synths and creates a mystical atmosphere. Maybe my favorite Filter song ever.

The (almost) title track, Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight, is the most powerful song on the record. In typical Filter manner, chainsaw-like metal guitars saw their way through the song underlining Patrick’s voice with an astute drum beat that makes nay head bang along.

Track 6, This Finger’s For You, can be the anthem for anyone who has something to say but for whatever reason can’t. Driving drums and a fantastic guitar riff. Again, a very typical Filter song, just a bit more grown-up.

The last track of the album, It’s Just You, first reminded me of Owl City, because of it’s intro sound. However, Patrick’s vocals brought me back to Filter. It’s the perfect song to bring home a great album. The midi-like drum sound fits perfectly into the song and rocks the listener towards its closure. But even after 45 minutes, I just don’t have enough of Filter’s music and usually push replay.

Richard Patrick, Bob Marlette, and Jonathan Radtke definitely created a masterpiece with The Sun Comes Out Tonight that can be enjoyed in any kind of mood and situation. Take some time and listen to this record without skipping any second. You will experience 45 minutes of pure musical awesomeness.

Album grade:
Lyrics 7/10
Musicianship 8/10
Production 10/10
Concept 9/10
Total grade: 8.5/10

Sebastiano Mereu

YouTuber + host of the #FHTZ online music show with co-producer @simonkurt + marketing & digital content producer + university lecturer