Steel Panther “Lower the Bar” (2017) and make us feel the steel

Oh, happy day! American Glam-/Comedy-Rockers Steel Panther just come to release their 4th studio album inappropriately named Lower the Bar on 24 March 2017. The album follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, but might be the best efforts since or even with their debut Feel the Steel was unleashed upon the none-believers in 2009. My sentiment is shared by Mark Rockpit who writes in, “Musically this might just be Steel Panther’s best, but it’s not their dirtiest and if that matters for you more than the music I guess I’ll see you at the show, I’ll be listening and you’ll be wearing the wig and stumbling towards the stage.” Yup, same here.

I also agree with Dave Griffiths, who writes in, “Comedy aside though it’s tracks like the brilliant Walk Of Shame that remind us under all the innuendo, which in itself is some pretty amazing song-writing, is a band that really knows how to rock… and at the end of the day, that’s what you really want from a band like Steel Panther.” And, I can’t help by nodding along to Joe Daly’s comment in, who notes, “Crude as ever, catchy as hell and never SFW, Lower the Bar delivers exactly as promised, with a few welcome surprises along the way,” and share that sentiment as well.

In conclusion: “Lower the Bar” reignites the Steel Panther fire that I have lost when Balls Out came out in 2011 and couldn’t live up to the tremendous high bar set by Feel the Steel in 2009. But my favourite glam-rockers did it. With “Lower the Bar”, Steel Panther truly lowered the bar and made us feel the steel again. No pun intended, maybe.

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Sebastiano Mereu

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