The Immortal Wars (2017) of Ex Deo in an epic aural spectacle

The Immortal Wars by Canadian death metal band Ex Deo was released on 24 February 2017, and the side project of Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono follows in the footsteps set with the albums Romulus (2009) and Caligvla (2012). The Immortal Wars (2017) blasts through my headphones with epic death metal anthems that catapult this listener into a dimension whose calendar marks somewhere between 27 BC and 476 AD, the heyday of the Roman Empire. Some say the new album is better than Romulus, but not as good as Caligvla, and others see it as lacking some dynamics. I enjoy The Immortal Wars because of its energy and feel. Ex Deo is not a bad that has gotten lots of plays on any of my music devices, but their new album has been playing for the bast couple of days on repeat and I did not get bored yet. Must mean something. Check it out, if you like real heavy music with an epic fundament.

What others wrote about The Immortal Wars by Ex Deo:

“I’m pleased that Ex Deo went on to create The Immortal Wars. That said, though it’s better than Romulus, The Immortal Wars is not without fault, never developing the staying power or memorable nature of Caligvla. […] Looking past this, The Immortal Wars is a triumphal release from a band that I hope has many more campaigns left under their chest plates!” – Madam X,

“So it stands to reason that Ex Deo have once again put out a solid slab of historically-sound death metal. Yes, it’s not terribly complex like their death metal brethren, nor is it reinventing the wheel (nor doing anything significantly different from ‘Romulus‘ or ‘I, Caligvla‘), but the palatial orchestrations and rousing, meaty riffage alongside epic story-telling in musica makes for quite an aural spectacle. A luxury best enjoyed after victory over an old foe in the throes of a luxurious feast. Ave Roma!” – Lee Carter,

“Well I guess “retiring” was a good idea as Ex Deo has made the best album of their career and a major contender for everyone’s album of the year list I would think.” – Jeff,

The Immortal Wars is a good time for head banging and to make pits go wild. Ex Deo takes bits of Kataklysm to create a new form and grow it into something purely fun. While the album has some pacing issues, in the end The Immortal Wars will have fans roaring and marching along.” – Michael Pementel,

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