Immortals (2017) by Firewind: This is Power Metal’s Sparta

I’m late to the party and lots has already been written about Firewind’s most recent long-player Immortals, which came out on 20 January 2017. All I can add is that I really like the album and enjoy every second of it. Guitar wizard Gus G.’s 2015 solo-effort Brand New Revolution was the non plus ultra of his efforts in my humble opinion, but Immortals surely challenges the virtual power metal throne on which Brand New Revolution sits on. What’s more to say – pick up Firewind’s Immortals, if you like good and authentic heavy metal.

What others wrote about Firewind’s Immortals:

“Immortals may only be 44 minutes long but it is an intense and true return to form for a band that needs to be recognized for their overall contribution to the power metal genre. Firewind has issued a statement of intent with this album. This is a monolith of epic metal done expertly and showcasing mature songwriting. Come and take it.” – Demonic Tutor,

“[T]he charms are many and they have eventually beaten me over the head, got my juices flowing and he whole thing does exude quality. It just took time to realise it. I’d even go so far as to say that ‘Immortals’ is the best and the most vital that Firewind have ever sounded, laying down a marker for all other melodic power metal to follow during 2017.” –

“I wasn’t really expecting all that much from Immortals, but I’ve been spinning it a whole lot and really enjoying it. In fact, this might be my favorite Firewind record of all. If you want some catchy power with high-level chops and a commitment to guitar excess, this is Sparta!” – Steel Druhm,

“This is more or less the quintessential power metal disc and you’re going to hear that pretty early on. Immortals has everything that I want from the genre and then some, so get your hands on this pulse-pounding and fiery soundtrack to war.” – Grim Lord,

“From the crunchy riff of “We Defy”, to the huge chorus of “Rise From The Ashes”, our favourite Greeks have proved to all fans that a 5-year absence did absolutely no harm. If you enjoyed Firewind before – you still enjoy them now. Pick up a copy of “Immortals” because, for what faults it has, it’s another worthy addition to the world of power metal.” – Larry6990,

Here an interview we did with Gus G. in 2015 for #fhtz:

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