Triple Threat (2017) by Annihilator: A phenomenal live-document with nostalgia character

Annihilator is one of the most legendary, if not the most legendary, Canadian thrash metal band – at least in my virtual diary. I remember my friends and I playing Stonewall and Set the World on Fire on our boombox while riding away on our BMX’s after committing some teenage shenanigans in our suburban neighbourhood. Annihilator was one of the main bands that provided us with the soundtrack to our rebellious youth, and today, it is one of those bands that brings back those memories with the push of a button. Because of that, Triple Threat is a welcomed compilation for me. I love the song collection and the two-world approach of it.

Disc 1 encompasses the band’s live performance at the Bang Your Head Festival 2016, which includes classic songs such as King Of The Kill, Set The World On Fire, W.T.Y.D., Never, Neverland, and Alison Hell. Disc 2, on the other hand, brings us a brand-new aspect of the band with a 10-song unplugged session of, again, classics such as Snake In The Grass, Stonewall, and Phoenix Rising. If you are a visual person like me, you might want to opt for the 3-disc deluxe edition that also holds a DVD or Blu-Ray of both live sessions.

Annihilator mastermind Jeff Waters put together a beautiful release with Triple Threat. It provides a phenomenal live-document of the band’s recent live endeavours on one disc and catapults this long-time fan back to his teenage years with the unplugged session characterised by nostalgia. I am confident that this release will find its way into my ‘top live-album shelf’.

What others wrote about Triple Threat by Annihilator:

“Triple Threat” is a well-chosen package, presenting the band in various ways, and including some behind the scene clips. Annihilator was always a band that used a wider approach and this package documents it in a great way. – Markus’ Heavy Music Blog,

[Triple Threat] is well worth a place in the collection as it’s genuinely different. Jeff Waters has always been a “guitar hero” of mine, way back from when I saw the band opening for Judas Priest more years ago than I care to admit. Listening to him (and Aaron Homma, Rich Hinks, Vancouver BC drummer and friend Marc LaFrance plus Ottawa session player Pat Robillard) belting out these numbers without any tricks is utter ear candy. – Mosh,

‘Triple Threat’ is a must have for any Annihilator fan, and I for one will be anticipating the purchase of my own blu-ray/2CD edition. – Niki Flynn,

Sebastiano Mereu

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