The Pretty Reckless: Who You Selling For (2016) – brightly dark, diverse and concise

I have been an admirer of The Pretty Reckless for a while now. Not only because their music pushes the right buttons on my rock-console in any circumstance, but also because of the band’s constant-but-adequate evolution. Okay, ‘Who You Selling For’ is only the band’s third full-length studio album. Nevertheless, a clear positive development can be recognised in regard to song-writing, production, and image creation. Plus, it is refreshing to see that the band around singer Taylor Momsen does not seek to reinvent themselves with every new album. The Pretty Reckless have been true to their music and image ever since their beginnings.

Who You Selling For’ is just as I expected it to be: a down-to-earth rock album with a certain dark tone, which gets beautifully brightened up at certain selected moments throughout the album. Although the songs range from uptempo to ballads and includes brighter and darker moods, as well as diverse instrumentations, it depicts a clear listening voyage through a diverse but concise rock landscape. Extreme kudos to Taylor Momsen, Jamie Perkins, Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and producer Kato Khandwala for that! And, it is the perfect continuation from its phenomenal 2014-predecessor ‘Going to Hell’. If I had to choose my three favourite songs on the new album it would be: Oh My God, the title-track, and Bedroom Window.

Who You Selling For’ definitely has the potential to become my personal favourite rock album of 2016.

Here a handful of comments from other reviews:

“With too many hard rock bands sounding sterile and calculated, it makes the rawness, emotion and originality of Who You Selling For stand out even more.” – Chad Bowar,

“This is The Pretty Reckless’s best album.” – Leon,

“As a whole, this album is well packaged. The Pretty Reckless refuse to be defined by rock music; instead, they defy logic and break the imaginary boundaries of what rock music is. “Who You Selling For” mixes it all up. There’s a track for everybody on here.” – Jonathan Currinn,

“It’s a theme that continues throughout and, though it can get a little repetitive, these songs showcase how daring the band can be when trying out new ideas.” – Emma Matthews,

“‘Who You Selling For’ has it all. From foot stomping anthems, fast paced numbers and a blues rooted sound, The Pretty Reckless are ready to shake things up and explore more of the wide landscape that is Rock’n’Roll.” – Michelle O’Rance,

Sebastiano Mereu

YouTuber + host of the #FHTZ online music show with co-producer @simonkurt + marketing & digital content producer + university lecturer