Breakin’ Outta Hell (2016) by Airbourne: Straight-forward, no bullshit and no questions asked hard rock

Airbourne released their fourth studio album Breakin’ Outta Hell on 23 September 2016 through Spinefarm.

As many, many reviewers have praised and criticised before me, the Australian band still sounds like a modern version of the legendary AC/DC, but with arguably more raw energy and ferocity. I really like this new album, just as I really like their previous releases. I like to describe it as straight-forward, no bullshit and no questions asked hard rock, that does not need any introduction or elaboration. Some people might consider the album uncreative, or even superficial or boring, but I do not. For me it is pure, handmade and authentic rock music. Airbourne prove their creativity with phenomenal guitar riffs, strong compositions and ear-worm hooks. My favourite song on Breakin’ Outta Hell is probably Rivalry, a mid-tempo in-your-face modern-day rock anthem with very big balls of fire. But the title-track is a very strong song as well, and believe me when I tell you that the rest of the album hides a few more shiny jewels.

What do others say about Airbourne’s Breakin’ Outta Hell:

“[H]ard rock albums stand or fall by their riffs, and Airbourne have them by the truckload. They’ve seen no reason to evolve their modus operandi – listen to AC/DC, then make it faster and harder – but why would you, when you’re making albums that whizz by in a blaze of overdriven guitars and terrace choruses?” – Michael Hann,

“They may still be a way off penning anything with the staying power of “Back In Black” or “Highway To Hell”, but the surging “I’m Going to Hell For This” and the title-track are world class anthems, proof that as long as Airbourne are around, rock & roll still has a chance.” – Rod Yates,

“Admittedly, it’s easy to sneer at this album for its lack of diversity, but it’s a tried and tested formula. And, for Airbourne it’s one that works.” – Emma Matthews,

“Still, over-analysing Airbourne’s music feels about as appropriate as writing an academic thesis on Donald Trump’s liberal ideology. “Ultimately, we just wanted to make a great drinking record,” Joel told recently told Team Rock. “That’s what this album is about: no ballads, no bullshit, just hard rocking songs that help you break out of hell.” Mission pretty much accomplished, then.” – Simon Ramsay,

“They are not trying to reinvent the wheel and still stick to a winning formula of good time rock and roll. Of course the AC/DC and Rose Tattoo influences remain but at the end of the day, its a great combination.” – Dennis Jarman,

Sebastiano Mereu

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