The Bay Calls For Blood: Live in San Francisco (2015): A live masterpiece by Death Angel

I found out much too late about one the the most underrated thrash metal bands from the Bay Area: Death Angel. I find their music to be more creative and fresher – for lack of better words – than many of their Bay Area peers, without taking anything away from those other great bands. Their first live album Fall from Grace was released in 1990, but the band was not consulted on that release. Nineteen years later, Sonic German Beatdown – Live in Germany, the band’s second live album was released. A very good live album, but nowhere near as strong as the release at hand. The Bay Calls For Blood, was recorded live in San Francisco on December 27, 2014 and released as a B-Side to Death Angel’s 2015 documentary movie A Thrashumentary. As I have mentioned in an interview with Death Angel singer Mark Osegueda, I love this live album because of its authenticity and fantastic live sound. Many recent live albums sound closer to an 80s bootleg than a professionally produced live album, but not The Bay Calls For Blood. The dynamics are perfect, the set list encompasses basically all Death Angel eras, and it makes me feel as if I’m standing in the middle of the venue with Death Angel playing right in front of me. Such a phenomenal production and performance. Makes me want to see the band live again as soon as possible.

Line-up: Rob Cavestany – lead guitar, Mark Osegueda – vocals, Ted Aguilar – guitars, Will Carroll – drums, Damien Sisson – bass

Sebastiano Mereu

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