Dave Neabore of Dog Eat Dog talks nostalgia at gigs, free music and the band’s new home-base studio

“If you’re a one-song band and it’s a good song, then there’s nothing wrong with that.”Dave Neabore, Dog Eat Dog.

It is always such a pleasure hangin’ and talkin’ with one of my childhood bass-heroes, Mr. Dave Neabore of Dog Eat Dog. How often must I have played No Fronts, Who’s The King, Rocky etc. with my friends? Good memories. … In this #fhtz interview, Dave explains to us where he sees the difference between being a musician today compared to when he started in the 80’s/90’s and how bands created their networks through demo-tapes, the physical ones. Dave goes on to elaborate on how he sees live shows and merch being the only viable sources of income for a band like Dog Eat Dog and, therefore, how music streaming is of no concern to them.

A very interesting talk with one of the nicest American hardcore music legends. Catch Dog Eat Dog live if you can. I promise you a phenomenal show you won’t easily forget!

In case you have missed our first talk with Dave, where he clarifies many details that even Dog Eat Dog fans might not know or have forgotten, here it is again:

Sebastiano Mereu

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