Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage (2016): Steel Panther’s lavishly funny, musically refreshing, and visually gorgeous acoustic live album

The great Steel Panther released Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage on February 26, 2016, their first acoustic live album that comes as stand-alone CD or with the whole gig (and some inserts) on DVD+CD. Even though reviews range from “glorious” to “failed”, I really, really, really like it – see what I did there? Not only does it show the band from a different musical side, it also packages their most famous songs in a new wrapping. For someone like me, who has seen the band a handful of times live and has been listening to their music since their debut album, it is refreshing listening to an acoustic version of those rock anthems – and they still kick butt, I’d like to add.

I can imagine that this album might not win the band too many new fans, but does it have to? In any case, it is definitely a treat for fans like me, since it shortens the wait for a new album with new songs or a tour. That said, I am aware that other reviewers don’t share my opinion, and for you to get the whole picture, read what others have to say about Steel Panther’s Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage below. However, if you’re a fan, there’s no way you want to miss out on this lavishly funny, musically refreshing, and visually gorgeous acoustic gem.

What others think of Steel Panther’s Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage:

“This live is glorious to listen to and even more bitchin’ to watch and I so wish I was there… during that particular “garage night”… fuck garage dayz man! This is da $H1T! Above and beyond Grading! Uber-Cool!!!” – rockavlon,

“With Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage, Steel Panther have failed to musically expand their oeuvre, or broaden their appeal to non-fans. Only time will tell whether Steel Panther will develop and expand on their brand of juvenile humour, or stagnate further and fade into obscurity like the musical style they simultaneously parody and pay homage to.” – Haydon Benfield,

“Some have suggested they would have preferred a new album with new songs from Steel Panther rather than an acoustic rehash of old hits. I might tend to agree, except Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage shows off the talent this band has, and the intricacies of each track. That said, I’m looking forward to a new studio release sooner rather than later. While this might be a good appetizer; it’s no main course, to be sure.” – Metal Mike,

“There’s a few irrelevant short tracks that feature the band bantering, but what you’re left with is ten excellent tracks that show this band is just as awesome acoustically as they are in “plugged in” setting.” – Metal Misfit,

Sebastiano Mereu

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