Anthrax “For All Kings” (2016): The soundtrack for the metal rebellion to fight, conquer and take back their land with hope, power and anthems

The much anticipated 11th Anthrax album finally found its way onto our shelves: For All Kings landed on Friday February 26th, 2016, with 60 minutes of pure heavy metal.

I have been an Anthrax fan for many years. I learned about the band as a little boy during the first Joey Belladonna era, stayed true to them while with John Bush – also, because Anthrax released a couple of masterpiece albums during that time –, and welcomed the idea of reuniting with Joey two decades later.

The predecessor of For All Kings, Worship Music (2011), was a crucial moment in the discography and history of Anthrax. Not only does it document the return of their classic line-up vocalist, it also features some of the most iconic songs in their catalogue, such as The Devil You Know, I’m Alive, and In The End. For these two reasons alone it was going to be an incredibly difficult undertaking to top Worship Music.

For All Kings manages to build upon the foundation laid by its predecessor. Worship Music radiates a dark and melodramatic atmosphere, whereas the new album brings light to the day and turns the dramatic dark element into an energetic bright lightning. Maybe put in an analogy [– enter Braveheart kind of scenario]: Where Worship Music is the soundtrack for the mobilisation of the metal rebellion, For All Kings is the soundtrack for the metal rebellion to fight, conquer and take back their land with hope, power and a handful of anthems.

My favorite songs of the album are For All Kings, Breathing Lightning and Blood Eagle Wings. Hard to choose a least favorite, since I like all songs on here.

Just today I was listening to For All Kings in full-length and after that to State of Euphoria. New-school and old-school Anthrax back to back. It went perfectly together. What I mean by that is, it doesn’t matter if your old-school or new-school. Anthrax writes timeless music that fortunately sounds like Anthrax on any occasion. Personally, I can’t tell which album is better than the other, since all Anthrax albums have their legitimate reason for existing. Also, I can find the beauty in all of their releases. For All Kings is a ‘king’ in their catalogue already for the reasons mentioned above and it doesn’t take anything away from their previous albums. Breathing Lightning is an instant classic, imho, and I can’t wait to hear it live at their next gig.

Anthrax - For All Kings

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“Consistency is the order of the day here, which is what makes For All Kings at least a marginal improvement over Worship Music.” – Jeremy Ulrey,

“With For All Kings, the wave of momentum the band has been riding shows no sign of ebbing. Anthrax’s songwriting on the album has matured, but it hasn’t stopped them from thrashing harder than bands half their age.” – Chad Bowar,

“The mix between knowing when to transcend into lighter moments and then destroy amps sits succinctly on this record.” – Plugga73,

“For All Kings, their 11th studio album, is full of the anthemic choruses and hulking riffs that have always driven their sound, and it’s hard to imagine diehard fans being anything but satisfied.” – Jimmy Hubbard,

“A brilliant album from start to finish. Any serious Anthrax fan will love this album and if you don’t, then it truly is a madhouse.” – Andrew “Schizodeluxe” Massie,

Anthrax “For All Kings” (2016)

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