Inglorious (2016): The new-school hard rock album I have been waiting for

Inglorious released their self-titled debut album on 19 February 2016 through Frontiers Music SRL and it rocks big time!

I didn’t know anything about the band or their frontman Nathan James when I entered the Z-7 venue in Switzerland to go see The Winery Dogs. As soon as I entered the premises, a wall of bluesy rock music with an incredible voice greeted me and I was sold. I rushed to the merchandising stand to buy myself their newest CD, but soon found out that their debut album was yet to be released. Well, I turned around to enjoy the show, talked a bit with lead singer Nathan James after the gig, and pre-ordered a CD as soon as I returned home. And here I am, a couple of weeks later, enjoying an “extra-class” rock album by Inglorious.

I have only praising words for Inglorious’ debut effort. The album reflects the raw energy the band radiates on stage, and the production preserved the reverb-laden live characteristic, which I love in an iconic rock album like this one. The songs are simply beautiful due to the clever arrangements that smoothly lead the listener through dynamic passages from one story to another. The musical performance is incredible. The band plays tight and does not loosen up even when it plays laid-back as in Bleed For You. Nathan James tells the stories with his remarkable voice and singing skills which paints an even more dynamic and colourful picture. My top three songs on the album are the dramatic High Flying Gipsy, the extremely intense Holy Water, and the blues-heavy You’re Mine. Nevertheless, it needs to be stated that I consider this album to be filler-less. All killers on here.

In a nutshell: Inglorious’ debut album is the new-school hard rock album I have been waiting for. The songs, performance, and melodramatic atmosphere makes it an instant classic, which will be hard to trump. But hey, let’s just enjoy this masterpiece to the max.

Buy the Inglorious debut album on their website, here.

“An early highlight of the year, Inglorious have produced a magnificent album that only benefits from repeat plays.” 

“What the gypsy on the album cover sees in her crystal ball – whether they are indeed the future of Great British rock and pick up and carry the baton from those who have gone before or whether they’ll feel the pressure of expectation, their musical evolution will tell. What’s massively in their favour is that they sure sound like they are going to give it a damn good shot or go down fighting.” Michael Ainscoe,

“The album pays homage to the artists mentioned as influences and Nathan James is a monster vocalist with a strong Richie Kotzen / David Coverdale vibe. The rest of the band are no slouches either – dynamic performances all-round and a very convincing debut.”

Sebastiano Mereu

YouTuber + host of the #FHTZ online music show with co-producer @simonkurt + marketing & digital content producer + university lecturer