Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell on Demanufacture 20th-anniversary tour, Genexus, and a sequel to the graphic novel of The Industrialist

I had the great pleasure to meet Burton C. Bell, singer and founding-member of industrial metal veterans Fear Factory, while the band is on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album that put them on the map in 1995: Demanufacture.

We talked about how different it is to play the songs from Demanufacture today as compared to 20 years ago, we fast-forwarded 20 years to talk about how awesome their latest album, Genexus, turned out, and Burton has some fabulous news in regard to his graphic novel, The Industrialist.

PS: The gig was fantastic, and hearing, seeing, and feeling the entire Demanufacture album played live in sequential order was something no true metal fan should miss. Go see Fear Factory live!

Fear Factory Demanufacture tour

Sebastiano Mereu

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