Interview with Sarah McKenzie: “I love the music album, because it’s a world.”

The picture above proves that I am a funny guy after all, or at least award-winning Australian Jazz artist Sarah McKenzie seems to think so.

It was a great pleasure talking with Sarah about why she started out in a musical niche, her attraction to old-fashionedness, and how music albums can be seen as a music world. And, in addition to being a great musician, Sarah is simply a very nice person. Here a few of my favourite quotes from this fun and interesting interview:

“Being in the music business is everything you expect it to be and everything unexpected as well.”

“I’ve been checking out Oscar Peterson, Gene Harris, Ray Brown and I didn’t think that anybody else liked them. Because all of my friends, who were the same age, liked the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys.”

“A lot of little things come together to create one big thing.”

“I love the music album, because it’s a world.”

Produced by Simon Kurt and Sebastiano Mereu for | Videography by Digitale Massarbeit

Sebastiano Mereu

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