Butcher Babies – Take It Like A Man (2015)

Oh yeah, it’s finally here: the anxiously awaited second Butcher Babies long-player ‘Take It Like A Man’. The album was released on August 21, 2015, through Century Media Records and is accompanied by 12 music videos video per track that can be streamed at www.butcherbabies.net.

Take It Like A Man is a true manifestation of astute, brachial, and equally elegant modern-style groove metal with heavy thrash metal influences. Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey have improved upon the band’s earlier releases. Not that their vocal performances were not good – quite the opposite–, but they are even stronger on Take It Like A Man. It is a real art to bring melody into screaming vocals and both Heidi and Carla have mastered it better than ever before on every song now. This is especially apparent on Monster Ball, The Cleansing, and Thrown Away

In regard to compositions, Take It Like A Man marks a noteworthy milestone for the Butcher Babies. Songs like Monster Ball and The Butcher or the melodic ballade Thrown Away can easily reach higher positions on various mainstream charts around the globe. As mentioned above, the songs reflect astute arrangements that go well with their respective lyrics.

To address a few great moments: Monster Ball, for instance, animates to dance with its pumping groove. Thrown Away radiates a sensible and heart-breaking atmosphere. The aggression of Blood Soaked Hero is underlined by its brachial drumming, main riff, and extreme screamo-vocals. For The Fight inspires hope with melodic lines such as “We won’t be pushed around. We won’t let them break us!” that cut through a heavy wall of sound that dynamically carries the song on a carpet of perfectly adjusted thrash metal instrumentation.

The production of Take It Like A Man leaves no wishes open. Producer Logan Mader did a fabulous job in capturing top-notch performances of each and every band member, which contributed to making every song a treat to listen to. I’m especially pleased with the way that the album sticks to its main sounds, but does not get boring over its 45-minute duration.

Yes, I like thrash metal a lot, but mostly old-school bands like Testament, Exodus, Slayer, or Anthrax. However, the Butcher Babies are one of the few new-school thrash metal bands that have caught my attention with their creative arrangements and musicianship. Also, I’m very happy that the band decided to drop the provocative stage outfits a while back. They are a great band that has constantly been improving and they deserve to be judged by their music only, not their fashion, non-musical stage presence or other things that have not much to do with their music.

Big kudos to Heidi Shepherd (vocals), Carla Harvey (vocals), Jason Klein (bass), Henry Flury (guitar), Chrissy Warner (drums), and producer Logan Mader.

My favourite songs on the album include:

  • Monster Ball
  • The Butcher
  • Thrown Away
  • Never Go Back
  • Dead Man Walking
  • For The Fight

Go out and buy Take It Like A Man by Butcher Babies! If you like heavy metal, you’ll definitely like this one.

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