New Found Glory – Kill It Live (2013)

I have always liked New Found Glory, but somehow lost track of their releases in the last few years. Fortunately, I came across their 2013 release, Kill It Live, and rediscovered some of the songs that have inspired me during my college days.

As I have mentioned before on this blog, it is hard for me to find good live albums these days that are able to genuinely radiate the energy and atmosphere of an unforgettable gig and the brilliance of a great live band. Only a few albums have been able to do that for me in recent years, and New Found Glory‘s Kill It Live is one of those albums.

The chosen setlist leaves (almost) no wishes open. Well, just two: i) I wished the band would have included the song Dressed To Kill from their 2000 self-titled album release; and ii) at least one song off their From The Screen To Your Stereo part 1 or 2 cover albums. In regard to the cover songs, I can imagine it was easier to record and release originals in this case. Nevertheless, the album includes 17 wonderful live songs (and 3 new studio recordings), which depict the band’s history. Hence, Kill It Live can be considered a good Best Of-Live album for longtime fans to dwell in memories and new fans to discover this fantastic American rock band.

In terms of musicianship, it is safe to state that the band rocks at highest levels while playing very tight. Big kudos to all of them. The mixing and production is excellent for my taste and the musical concept of the album follows a clear train of thought. The last point shouldn’t be difficult for New Found Glory, since they have always stayed true to their music style. Hence, even though Kill It Live encompasses songs in the timespan of 13 years, all songs come wearing the same hypothetical music and sound costume – which works perfectly for me.

Even though I can honestly admit that I enjoy every single song on this album, my five favourite songs on here are:

  • Track 5. “Anthem for the Unwanted” Originally on Radiosurgery
  • Track 7. “Sonny” Originally on Sticks and Stones
  • Track 11. “Coming Home” Originally on Coming Home
  • Track 14. “Hit or Miss” Originally on Nothing Gold Can Stay
  • Track 17. “My Friends Over You” (Live) Originally on Sticks and Stones

I usually don’t grade live albums, but I might as well start doing that:

Live album grade:
Musicianship 9/10
Mixing & production 10/10
Musical concept 9/10
Atmosphere 9/10
Total grade: 9.25/10

Sebastiano Mereu

YouTuber + host of the #FHTZ online music show with co-producer @simonkurt + marketing & digital content producer + university lecturer