Anthrax – Taking the Music Back (2003)

East-coast thrash metal legends Anthrax released the single to Taking the Music Back, off the album We’ve Come for You All, on August 25, 2003. The CD single includes 1 unreleased song, Ghost, and the cover-versions, Exit by U2 and Next To You by The Police. In addition, the videoclips to Taking the Music Back and Safe Home can be found as movie-files on the CD.

Taking the Music Back credits the entire Anthrax band as writers, namely, John Bush, Rob Caggiano, Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and Charlie Benante, and is one of the strongest songs on We’ve Come for You All, in my metal aficionado opinion. The straight and danceable groove of the song, combined with a singable guitar riff and very straight forward vocals makes Taking the Music Back a masterpiece of heavy metal. Also, the arrangements include subliminal features that barely can be heard, but have great impact. For instance, at about 1:32, Franky Bello does not play the original notes for a few bars on his bass, but harmonises with 3rd’s or 5th’s – not sure which one, but it’s harmonised. And the very characteristic ‘I am!’ shout in the chorus, by John Bush, is simple but awesome, too!

Scott and Rob did an excellent job at arranging the guitar parts, too. The song starts with both guitars playing the same riff, left and right, to then start harmonising in the verse. The chorus arrangement sees the main riff pounding along with the groove on the left hand-side of the audio spectrum and a shredding 8th-note line higher on the fingerboard on the right hand-side opening up the musical spectrum. And not to forget groove-master Charlie Benante’s rock-crushing beat giving the foundation with his nephew Frank Bello on bass.

Oh yeah, Taking the Music Back is a hidden gem of heavy metal history created by Anthrax.

Sebastiano Mereu

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