Lita Ford – Dangerous Curves (1991)

Today’s legendary album comes from a former The Runaways member: the Queen of Hard Rock, Lita Ford with Dangerous Curves. Recorded in 1990 and 1991 under the beautiful California sun, the album was released on November 12, 1991.

Dangerous Curves is my favorite Lita Ford album. I didn’t know much about her before I saw her music on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, but I surely liked it a lot. Especially, the way Lita was rockin’ that black B.C. Rich Warlock guitar was simply Rock N’Roll; and I have to admit, she looked very attractive to me. You have to understand, I was a young teenager when Dangerous Curves came out.

Dale Sherman wrote in the book ’20th Century Rock And Roll: Women In Rock’ that even though Dangerous Curves was popular among Lita’s fans, the album failed to be successful as musical tastes were shifting towards alternative rock in late 1991.

That might be right, but I loved it already back then, because of it’s excellent songwriting, production, and musical performance. My favorite characteristic of the album was, and still is, that you can really feel the energy and melody in the songs, and for that matter, the California sun.

Just take the opener, ‘Larger Than Life’, when drummer Myron Grombacher counts in and pumps that bass drum, and Matt Bissonette on bass drives those straight 8th notes home, underlining Joe Taylor’s fabulous guitar riffs… Wow… How can you not nod along and raise your metal horns up high?!

Dangerous Curves is a classic and by far the strongest piece of rock history in Lita’s catalogue. To me the album is perfect as it is and I don’t think it has one fill-in song. Even the instrumental outro ‘Little Black Spider’ is legit. Nonetheless, these are my recommendations on the record:

Track 1: “Larger Than Life”
Track 2: “What Do Ya Know About Love?”
Track 3: “Shot of Poison”
Track 5: “Playin’ with Fire”
Track 7: “Black Widow”
Track 9: “Holy Man”

If you haven’t heard this record yet, it’s about time you do so, and when you’ve done that, please leave your comments on this great Lita album here or tweet them to me at @sebisays.

Album grade:
Lyrics 8/10
Musicianship 8/10
Production 8/10
Concept 8/10
Total grade: 8/10

Sebastiano Mereu

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